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May 2016

Yummy Pastels!

KiDSmagazine D30-31

Bonjour from France with a little bit of yummy pastels in the latest KiDS Mag Spring issue!

A little bit of whipped cream, macarons, eclairs and sugary sweetness in this fab editorial. Edible and wearable goodies! J’adore! What is your favourite treat?

KiDSmagazine S33

KiDSmagazine D24-25

KiDSmagazine S1

Featuring Paade Mode long skirt Smoothie, underskirt Candyfloss and silk/cotton blouse Cirrus.

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Stay Here With Me. We’ll Start a Jazz Band.



In the movie issue of Papier Mache this spring! Set the mood, hear the music.


Photographer Anna Palma Stylist Katelyn Mooney Hair Anja Grassegger Moss at Ray Brown Thanks to the models Nikka & Banjo



Paade Mode long skirt Smoothie and skirt Foam.

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