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April 2019


It’s warm. And sunny. And the sky so vibrantly blue. The season of weddings, graduations and summer parties is here. Drops of flowers in unruly hair, dancing shoes, and laughter. Children exploring magical gardens and playing hide-and-seek under the heaping party tables. Our selection of fabulous party wear features sunny colors, luxurious fabric choices, attention to detail and just that magical something that creates dreamlike outfits for every girl.


Sunny lemonade inspired AUGUSTE line. Contrasting black bows, and generous flounces. Shop here.


Gentle and cloudlike, PEARL is the ultimate flower girl look. Our Pearl like here.


HENRIETTE and CLEMENTINE. Shine, contrasting details and a strong silhouette.



Tulle and meadows. Modern, romantic and an absolute statement. BLANCHE.

A modern cut and soft, romantic lace meet in dress GRETA.


PAADE flower girl shines with confidence, amazement, and joy.

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