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July 2019



PAADE is a world traveler. With trade show season going strong, SS2020 collection HERBARIUM that was carefully and lovingly created at Paade Studio laboratory paying attention to every aspect and detail from the first drawings and patterns to the sustainable and ethical production cycle was presented in the romantic Florence, Pitti Bimbo and world metropolitan Paris, Playtime. We met our beloved clients, old and new, greeted the press and had the loveliest time.

PAADE SS2020 collection Herbarium tells a story of fragility, beginnings and ends, memories, longevity and mindfulness. The collection wants to remind you of that special feeling of capturing nature in photography and drawings, patterns woven in fabric, perfume and even food, pressed between pages of an old book, meanwhile, keeping in mind that all this beauty needs to be cherished, nurtured and protected for generations to come.


Soft pink hues of the new KIDZFizz area and Paade SS2020 colour palette at Piti Bimbo, Florence.


Don’t forget the flowers.

Spacious Parc Floral Paris and Paade at Playtime Paris.


Cutest Sophie from @littlesophiescloset visiting Paade and our Founder Linda Raituma keeping everything just right.


METAMORPHOSIS x PAADE. Amazing artist @gambrell_ partnering with Pirouette Blog is creating space inspired by collections seen at the show.


PAADE SS20 blouse Dianthus featured in Playtime trend space “Fantasia” as a key inspiration for the next spring/summer season.


THANK YOU to all our clients and visitors!

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