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August 2019


Music is everywhere. Rhythm, melody, lyrics, to each their own style and preference. And yet, it is something that connects us, that we want to share. Be it a list of favourites one gives their best friend or loved one, or just creates for their own pleasure, or an elaborate selection of tunes that brighten up life. What is on your MIXTAPE? Jazz, rock, pop, classical, indie? A mix of it all, or are you a purist? Paade FW19 collection is a mixtape of styles for every occasion inspired by movie soundtracks, chart toppers or even just that song that is forever stuck in your head. Paade is not afraid to seek inspiration in different eras of time, the collection mixes 90s pop, smooth jazz from mid 20s, classical and romantic tones. As usual Paade is a mix and match of romance, edge and trendy lux.

Embrace PAADE!

Our signature mix&match style is one of the key features of our collections. Wool meets velvet, shine mixes with patterns. Layering is a must.






Careful selection of the best quality materials, colours and textures make the collection stand out and be a perfect balance between modern romance, ideal for both everyday and occasion wear.



The collection represents Paade’s love towards music and art. The visual story is told and enhanced by the inspirational residence of the internationally acclaimed artist Sabine Liva with a selection of her artworks, interior design and love for music adding to the atmosphere.

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