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February 2020

Earth+ Spring


Earthy tones dominate springtime, while the sun is yet to fully wake up the colours and light. Mix and match blacks, browns and oranges for an early spring inspired look.


Marta is wearing Blouse Orchid and Culottes Zinnia. Isabella is wearing Shirt Phlox and Skirt Zinnia.


The fresh smell of the world warming up to greet the awakening plant and animal life. Inhale and exhale.


Mimi is wearing Blouse Phlox with exquisite lace detailing and Trousers Phlox. Emily is wearing Dress Phlox.  Put together a comfortable and elegant look with Blazer Zinnia, Shirt Phlox and Culottes Orchid.


Luxurious jaquards in bloom paired with warm tones. Asja is wearing Bomber Jacket Acacia and Shorts Zinnia. Alise is wearing Dress Acacia.


Pst! Bloom is coming soon!


Hey boy, striped Linen Shirt Orchid + Linen Chinos Zinnia. Marta is wearing Dress Orchid. 




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Imagine a forest … a dessert … the jungle … a vast meadow … deep sea … a mountaintop. Who and what is there? And who is not anymore? Nature. Plants, animals, insects … humans, roads, cities. Us vs them. Incline and decline.



PAADE SS2020 collection Herbarium tells a story of fragility, beginnings and ends, memories, longevity and mindfulness. The collection wants to remind you of that special feeling of capturing nature in photography and drawings, patterns woven in fabric, perfume and even food, pressed between pages of an old book, meanwhile, keeping in mind that all this beauty needs to be cherished, nurtured and protected for generations to come.



For SS20 Paade mixes original prints and carefully selected fabrics varying from delicate summer cotton, comfortable jerseys, and linens to luxurious silks and embroideries to create its signature style of mix and matching. Once again we offer varying moods so that every occasion is tended to and to ensure a complete and well-rounded wardrobe.

The HERBARIUM collection has been carefully and lovingly created at Paade Studio laboratory paying attention to every aspect and detail from the first drawings and patterns to sustainable and ethical production cycle.



Photography Marta Logina

Location Imagehouse

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