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February 2021


Miilu. Love you.

Like a touch – the most gentle dance of the wind. Like a glance – deeper than the universe. Like an accidental note found in Mom’s book, a drawing left on a pillow, a secret snowman in dad’s suitcase.

‘Love you’, when leaving for work or school. ’Love you’ when ending a phone conversation. ‘Love you’when settling down for the night.

That seemingly almost invisible, just about audible, quietly uttered whisper of ‘love you’ to the dearest, most special. That ‘love’ between the closest and significant loves of your life.


Paade Mode SS21 collection ‘miilu’ has been carefully and lovingly created at Paade Studio laboratory paying attention to every aspect and detail from the first drawings and patterns to sustainable and ethical production cycle.

Creative Director * Linda Raituma

Photographer * Marta Logina

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