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February 2022

captured by SANTA PILENS

Mornings that turn into days, turn into nights. Where boats cruise right and left in front of your eyes. Kids get the sea salt on their skin earlier than I have my first sip of coffee. Waking up in paradise and finishing the day in the local trattoria with the best pizza, where the best pizza is your next pizza. It’s the Italian dolce vita that has moved me for the photo story. The shores of Positano, Capri and Amalfi. And my own kids who just know how to make the best out of doing nothing. 

Catching the wind with PAADE MODE SS22 captured by SANTA PILENS

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catch the wind

Summer boredom is the greatest source of inspiration.
And this summer we are going to get bored. For real and for long.

Countless times, we will shout out that we have nothing to do and that will spark
us to play rhyme creating game – where one starts the first part of the rhyme, and the second must finish it.
Or an alphabet game – calling as many words for each letter as we know, both existing and non-existing.

Then play hand finger football, roll in the lawn and make each other many braids with wildflowers in them.
Bury each other in the sand and lay in the grass so quietly that butterflies will fly and sit on our knees.
And splash in the water until we are going to find our own rainbow.
We are going to get sooo bored to be able to catch the wind.

PHOTOGRAPHER Lookbook and Mood Martins Cirulis
HAIR & MAKE UP Anete Sidlovska

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