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Contemporary laid back luxury

Comfort that is upgraded to stand out and be the mirror of child’s imagination

Established in 2011 as a family run kidswear brand, today Paade Mode has become one of the leading brands in slow – fashion across Northern Europe selling in more than 20 countries. A conceptual and trendy brand that promises an edgy, tailored high street look, where casual is mixed with contemporary luxury and elegance.

Paade Mode is an internationally well recognized and award-winning children’s fashion brand, lead by a small, creative team. Founded by Linda Raituma, its first whimsically represented collection gained a wide success among fashion blogs and editors, and it promised a bold start for the newly established brand.

Colour blocking, custom design embroidery, seamless knitwear, premium quality Japanese, Italian and Portuguese textile all together create a signature look of Paade Mode. Meanwhile remaining faithful to the core values of brand’s DNA – kids personality and sustainability. These are challenging rules for our creative team, but we believe that above all the outfit has to be a well-cut canvas to fit the daily needs of a modern family lifestyle. Today everything is about mixing and matching couture with details from high street fashion. Clothes that can be worn to school and kindergarten, but offer a possibility to join dinner or a friends’ party just by changing one item.

Paade Mode is the mirror of kids imagination and dreams where everything is possible.

The brand offers various styles of dresses from tailored party wear to loose everyday wear, while maintaining attention to detail and a modern lifestyle; statement coats and bombers, chunky, handmade knitwear, seamless comfort in cardigans and leggings, blazers and trousers for boys and striking accessories. Selected styles are adapted for babies.

The brand is represented across Europe, South Korea, America and many more, selling the collection in leading fashion stores all over the world.




Paade keeps it close. With materials and work done within the EU, we support slow fashion and ethical production.


We look for innovation both in design and technology to bring our styles freshness and comfort.


Our seamless knitwear line offers exceptional comfort for sensitive skin.


Great care has been put in our handmade knitwear and clothing. You can be sure it has been loved and taken care of for highest quality.


Here at Paade, we look for organic and natural materials. From cottons to wools, to gentle silks and light linen.


We dare to create something unseen before. A little bit of fun and inspiration.


We work closely, think together, invite creatives for collaborations to generate collections that inspire.


Paade mixes together classic looks with modern touches. Mixing soft romance with strong silhouettes, textures and colour.