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Paade Mode SS17 collection SUN DAZE brings brightness, lightness and enjoyment to those hot, summer days when the flowers are in bloom, insects hum in the meadows, the air is filled with warmth and life is easy and free. Sun and daze. The designer, Linda Raituma, has sought inspiration from the microscopic and delicate details of petals, pollen and plants in combination with the saturated and bold colours that spring and summer bring in various forms of blossoming flowers.

Paade Mode keeps its classic forms in silhouettes and mixes them with daring prints, colour combinations and contrasting details. This season the brand has chosen quirky Liberty fabrics in linen and cotton paired with delicate dotted patters, embroidered silk. Colour blocking remains a signature look for the brand. Tulle, jacquard and summer knits introduce a little bit of texture while lightest cotton/silk mixes breathe in air and softness.

The new Spring/Summer collection brings freshness, weightlessness and brightness through classic, romantic tendencies in combination with modern form and attention to detail.

The Paade child is sophisticated, fun and free to explore and grow in clothes that are comfortable to wear. The brand offers various styles of dresses from tailored party wear, to loose everyday wear, while maintaining attention to detail and a modern lifestyle. Stylish bombers with contrasting pockets and embroidered appliqué in combination with summery tops and loose skirts in various lengths; tailored summer blazers for boys and girls and adapted baby styles.

PaadeMode works in various markets across the world in countries such as South Korea, USA, UK, Hongkong, Japan, Russia, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Israel.



Paade keeps it close. With materials and work done within the EU, we support slow fashion and ethical production.


We look for innovation both in design and technology to bring our styles freshness and comfort.


Our seamless knitwear line offers exceptional comfort for sensitive skin.


Great care has been put in our handmade knitwear and clothing. You can be sure it has been loved and taken care of for highest quality.


Here at Paade, we look for organic and natural materials. From cottons to wools, to gentle silks and light linen.


We dare to create something unseen before. A little bit of fun and inspiration.


We work closely, think together, invite creatives for collaborations to generate collections that inspire.


Paade mixes together classic looks with modern touches. Mixing soft romance with strong silhouettes, textures and colour.


  • "Amazing styling, colour and clothing ...” "Cosy Jumbo knits from award winning PaadeMode seen at Playtimeparis and KID." "Traditional heritage fabrics are essential to the look including tweed, leather, felt and jumbo knits which create an air of nostalgia."
    Global trendsetter
  • "Paade Mode who also featured cross stitch fabrics had lovely embroidered details on delicate fabrics for kids fashion spring 2016.”
    Linda McLean
    Smudgetikka blog
  • PaadeMode received Milk Magazine Design award during Playtimeparis in January 2015. ”Cette jeune marque équitable basée en Lettonie a tapé dans l’œil de la rédaction depuis quelques temps déjà. Mais la prochaine saison nous a laissé sans voix ! Linda Raituma, la créatrice, a imaginé une collection à la fois très pointue."
  • "I found that collection very fresh, honest, with great organic fabrics and beautiful knitted pieces.”
    Florence Rolando
    PIROUETTE blog founder