You’ve got mail 📬 just got us over the moon excited! We are beyond proud and happy to announce that we have won @juniormagazineonline GOLD in the Junior Design Awards 2021 #JDA21 in category: Best International Children’s Fashion Brand 🥇⭐️💘 🍾

Congratulations to whole team who made this possible and to our creative director @linda.raituma 🥂

And hello to all our friends and customers all over the world 🗺 Thank you for your endless love and support! 🥂

This is great for all of us! 😘


Thank you ALL, sincerely yours PAADE MODE team


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PAADE CLASS ’21 – back to school brunch

Is everyone as exited as our girls to get back to school?

New friends, schools, teachers, adventures  – we missed it ! Every Paade’s girl is special – one likes dresses, other wants to wear comfortable track suit, but the third one is into colours  – more you have on you  – better it is!

Mix and match  – that what about Paade Class ’21 is.  All the girls with different styles and characters and everything on them can be combined in minion ways.

Join us – I hope you will have so much fun on looking the photos as we had during the actual brunch!


Photo – Elizabeth Rubene, Pastries  – Cafe Bitite, Clothes – AW21


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Take risks, do and think globally!

Read an interview with our Creative Director in latest magazine Santa.

Take risks, do and think globally. Entrepreneur women from which we can learn!


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Those long winter months are perfect for cozy family evenings with tea, home baked pancakes with a special jam. This homemade wild berry jam took me to a magical place, full of inspiration and wonders.

What is the secret of wild berries?

We, humans are like wild animals, we belong to nature. I have come to realize that my true home is by a campfire in the forest under the stars (Christiana Diamesi, yoga teacher)

Paade Mode’s home country Latvia is unique for its forests that are welcoming everyone to take a walk, explore nature and search for treasures of nature. Each summer we disappear into the woods, enjoying its rhythm and ease, picking up berries and mushrooms and teasing each other about our blueberry-colored mouths and teeth.

These wild berries – strawberries, blueberries, rowanberries, cranberries and many more. Healthy, smooth, sweet and sour, juicy in every bite. Bold colors, ideal shapes. Food for the soul. Bringing rich flavors and textures to our modern life.

Small, tenacious, special, delicious and super healthy. The harsher the conditions, the more valuable they grow. These berries are able to make you more organized, cure your headache, brighten your smile, reduced risk of cancer, serve as antioxidant and provide you with many more things.

And especially in conditions of uncertainty we can learn a lot from this wild part of our nature, taking strength and optimism from wild berries. Keeping in mind that both, humans and berries, can grow even stronger when harsh environment surrounds


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Spring Summer 21 campaign – SPRING CLEAN

A fresh start of new season, it’s all about having fun and wash away all your worries!
Spring cleaning isn’t just about sorting through things, thoughts. It’s about taking stock of who you are and who you want to be!
I hope you will get inspired by new Paade Mode SS21 story Spring Clean, shoot by amazing Helena Schutz



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Easter weekend with Paade’s Family

Linda  – Our creative director

She can teach you have to colour eggs in 10 different ways and the best time spent with the family  – long walks in the nature !


Anna – production manager

Sea, walks with dogs and exaggerated amount off eggs colored  – Easter!

Aleksandra – wholesale manager

Childhoods home, grandma’ s pancakes, sleeping in and spending time with family.

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ADVENT with Brightly Events family

Family. Warm. Bright. Cozy..any many more. These are the words what comes up on mind when we think about Advent time. This year we had a great possibility to be with Ginta’s the founder Brightly Events founder family. All the family came together to make their own perfect Advent Wreath.  You can see how many joy it brings to everyone!

And if you would like to make some photos with your family  – fill free to write to Ginta  – she will be happy to help you!

Photo: Sintija Sandore  Video: Veronika J.

Have a Bright Advent Season,

Your Paade Mode

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Have you ever been mad about something? Something you really love and would like to have it NOW!

We are ! This season we are MAD about PLAID clothes. We want everything in PLAID: Dresses, Coats, Pants, Shirts etc.

And we decided  – let’s do it – let’s help our dream to come alive  – who else if we not we? 🙂

Take a look on how we managed to do it  – and let us know what do you think!


A bit more, we just can’t stop. By the way we loved the Vogue Italia May’s cover story – when we need to give our kids the blank page, so they can create their own!



Dreams always can become reality , just with a little help from yourself!

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What dreamers do ⁃ a weekend with Santa Pilens and her youngest girls Frida & Gertrude-

Artist, set designer and creative mind behind wine architecture studio STUDIO PILENS, @santapilens moved to Austria a year ago. Together with her husband and 4 kids they are now based in a small village, an hour drive outside Vienna – a picturesque wine region Kamptal. Their four kids keep the couple busy … “we are never bored, our kids are always up to something”.


Frida sets the mood. Choosing an outfit is important – because it literary makes her feel good, excited and positive. She loves skirts, dresses, well everything that is expressive and bold!


That’s our family tradition. Every saturday we visit the farmers market in Krems.


Frida and Gertrude love books, so they are happy to visit the local bookshop.  It has the old time flair. Pocket books are their favorite take-away.

Our dear friend run a beautiful fine dining restaurant in Langenlois – Heurigenhof Bründlmayer. Now during lockdown they have opened up a nice market style take-away cafe. We went for waffles, ofcourse.


For festive mood, some new kitchenware and kids toys we like to visit Schloss Walpersdorf (Lederleitner). It has the most beautiful kids room setup and vintage style toys.


Moving to one of the most celebrated wine regions of Austria has brought some changes in our lifestyle… more comfortable, more laid back, but always with style… kids love walking in the vineyards, where they can see how grapes grow, taste them. Feel the nature and be part of it.



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“Twice as much fun and twice the amount of outfit crush” Pepper.

Pepper: is dreaming to be a writer ; Her favorite season is summer; best time of the day is afternoon because she can play with friends or do other fun things. who/what can always make her laugh?   She can laugh the most about her own jokes 😅 but she’s almost always happy!


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