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Galvenie pienākumi

Plānot un ieviest mārketinga kampaņas un projektus

Izveidot un attīstīt zīmola komunikācijas kanālus (mājas lapa, sociālie mediji, u.c.)

Izstrādāt mārketinga plānu/budžetu un vadīt tā izpildi

Veicināt zīmola atpazīstamību gan Latvijas, gan starptautiskā līmenī

Uzturēt sadarbību ar mediju, sabiedrisko attiecību, reklāmas aģentūrām



Augstākā izglītība komunikāciju zinātnēs vai mārketingā

Iedvesmojoša darba pieredze mārketinga projektu vadībā

Izpratne un zināšanas par dažādu digitālo kanālu izmantošanu komunikācijā

Prasme strādāt komandā, precizitāte darbā un atbildība par darba rezultātu

Izcilas komunikācijas un analītiskās spējas

Ļoti labas latviešu un angļu valodas zināšanas



Iespēju realizēt sevi dinamiskā, attīstošā un uz strauju izaugsmi balstītā vidē

Konkurētspējīgu, kompetencēm un pieredzei atbilstošu atalgojumu

Radošu un pozitīvu darba vidi

Sociālās garantijas un apmaksāti nepieciešamie darba līdzekļi, komandējumi;

Darba vieta Ģertūdes iela 6, Rīgā


Sīkāk par piedāvājumu [email protected]


Pateicamies visiem pretendentiem, bet lūdzam ņemt vērā, ka par rezultātiem informēsim tikai uz darba interviju uzaicinātos kandidātus.

Informējam, ka Jūsu pieteikuma dokumentos norādītie personas dati tiks apstrādāti šī atlases konkursa norisei.

Gaidīsim CV un motivācijas vēstuli līdz 8.augustam [email protected]

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Miilu. Love you.

Like a touch – the most gentle dance of the wind. Like a glance – deeper than the universe. Like an accidental note found in Mom’s book, a drawing left on a pillow, a secret snowman in dad’s suitcase.

‘Love you’, when leaving for work or school. ’Love you’ when ending a phone conversation. ‘Love you’when settling down for the night.

That seemingly almost invisible, just about audible, quietly uttered whisper of ‘love you’ to the dearest, most special. That ‘love’ between the closest and significant loves of your life.


Paade Mode SS21 collection ‘miilu’ has been carefully and lovingly created at Paade Studio laboratory paying attention to every aspect and detail from the first drawings and patterns to sustainable and ethical production cycle.

Creative Director * Linda Raituma

Photographer * Marta Logina

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ADVENT with Brightly Events family

Family. Warm. Bright. Cozy..any many more. These are the words what comes up on mind when we think about Advent time. This year we had a great possibility to be with Ginta’s the founder Brightly Events founder family. All the family came together to make their own perfect Advent Wreath.  You can see how many joy it brings to everyone!

And if you would like to make some photos with your family  – fill free to write to Ginta  – she will be happy to help you!

Photo: Sintija Sandore  Video: Veronika J.

Have a Bright Advent Season,

Your Paade Mode

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Have you ever been mad about something? Something you really love and would like to have it NOW!

We are ! This season we are MAD about PLAID clothes. We want everything in PLAID: Dresses, Coats, Pants, Shirts etc.

And we decided  – let’s do it – let’s help our dream to come alive  – who else if we not we? 🙂

Take a look on how we managed to do it  – and let us know what do you think!


A bit more, we just can’t stop. By the way we loved the Vogue Italia May’s cover story – when we need to give our kids the blank page, so they can create their own!



Dreams always can become reality , just with a little help from yourself!

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What dreamers do ⁃ a weekend with Santa Pilens and her youngest girls Frida & Gertrude-

Artist, set designer and creative mind behind wine architecture studio STUDIO PILENS, @santapilens moved to Austria a year ago. Together with her husband and 4 kids they are now based in a small village, an hour drive outside Vienna – a picturesque wine region Kamptal. Their four kids keep the couple busy … “we are never bored, our kids are always up to something”.


Frida sets the mood. Choosing an outfit is important – because it literary makes her feel good, excited and positive. She loves skirts, dresses, well everything that is expressive and bold!


That’s our family tradition. Every saturday we visit the farmers market in Krems.


Frida and Gertrude love books, so they are happy to visit the local bookshop.  It has the old time flair. Pocket books are their favorite take-away.

Our dear friend run a beautiful fine dining restaurant in Langenlois – Heurigenhof Bründlmayer. Now during lockdown they have opened up a nice market style take-away cafe. We went for waffles, ofcourse.


For festive mood, some new kitchenware and kids toys we like to visit Schloss Walpersdorf (Lederleitner). It has the most beautiful kids room setup and vintage style toys.


Moving to one of the most celebrated wine regions of Austria has brought some changes in our lifestyle… more comfortable, more laid back, but always with style… kids love walking in the vineyards, where they can see how grapes grow, taste them. Feel the nature and be part of it.



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“Twice as much fun and twice the amount of outfit crush” Pepper.

Pepper: is dreaming to be a writer ; Her favorite season is summer; best time of the day is afternoon because she can play with friends or do other fun things. who/what can always make her laugh?   She can laugh the most about her own jokes 😅 but she’s almost always happy!


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Always remain a Dreamer. Dream big, dream about yourself, the world and the future. As children, our world is built on dreams, fantasies and a wonderful imagination that creates just the right environment for growth, innovation, and development. It is something that needs to be nurtured, protected and not forgotten even as the little people get older.


PAADE FW20 collection Dreamer encourages us to do just that – dream of a better world, brighter future and making the impossible things possible. The collection wants to remind you that even in this chaotic world dreams are the building blocks of happiness, intelligence, mindfulness, and evolution.





The DREAMER collection has been carefully and lovingly created at Paade Studio laboratory paying attention to every aspect and detail from the first drawings and patterns to sustainable and ethical production cycle.


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Earth+ Spring


Earthy tones dominate springtime, while the sun is yet to fully wake up the colours and light. Mix and match blacks, browns and oranges for an early spring inspired look.


Marta is wearing Blouse Orchid and Culottes Zinnia. Isabella is wearing Shirt Phlox and Skirt Zinnia.


The fresh smell of the world warming up to greet the awakening plant and animal life. Inhale and exhale.


Mimi is wearing Blouse Phlox with exquisite lace detailing and Trousers Phlox. Emily is wearing Dress Phlox.  Put together a comfortable and elegant look with Blazer Zinnia, Shirt Phlox and Culottes Orchid.


Luxurious jaquards in bloom paired with warm tones. Asja is wearing Bomber Jacket Acacia and Shorts Zinnia. Alise is wearing Dress Acacia.


Pst! Bloom is coming soon!


Hey boy, striped Linen Shirt Orchid + Linen Chinos Zinnia. Marta is wearing Dress Orchid. 




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Imagine a forest … a dessert … the jungle … a vast meadow … deep sea … a mountaintop. Who and what is there? And who is not anymore? Nature. Plants, animals, insects … humans, roads, cities. Us vs them. Incline and decline.



PAADE SS2020 collection Herbarium tells a story of fragility, beginnings and ends, memories, longevity and mindfulness. The collection wants to remind you of that special feeling of capturing nature in photography and drawings, patterns woven in fabric, perfume and even food, pressed between pages of an old book, meanwhile, keeping in mind that all this beauty needs to be cherished, nurtured and protected for generations to come.



For SS20 Paade mixes original prints and carefully selected fabrics varying from delicate summer cotton, comfortable jerseys, and linens to luxurious silks and embroideries to create its signature style of mix and matching. Once again we offer varying moods so that every occasion is tended to and to ensure a complete and well-rounded wardrobe.

The HERBARIUM collection has been carefully and lovingly created at Paade Studio laboratory paying attention to every aspect and detail from the first drawings and patterns to sustainable and ethical production cycle.



Photography Marta Logina

Location Imagehouse

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Left? Right? Tech vs analog

Italian lifestyle magazine Style Piccoli is exploring the balance between modern technology and analog old school ways in the amazing space that is Base Milano Cultural Centre. It is completely understandable that finding the right ratio of technological use is paramount for both children and adults. And while advancements in all things tech are truly remarkable, useful and exciting, a good old book and a piece of paper hold just as much value.

Elisabetta is wearing PAADE silk PJ blouse Bowie and PJ trousers Bowie.


PAADE Faux fur bag Joplin and velvet skirt Frankie.


Flavio is wearing PAADE Merino jacquard cardigan Robbie.


Style @petrabarkhof Assistant style @francesca.biceglie

Photography @midivertounmondo

Location @base_milano

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