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WHAT? CAN? I? DO? Interview

What? Can? I? Do?

Interviewer: Katie Kendrik (K)

Interviewee: Linda Raituma (L) & Edite Kirse (E)


K: What did you do for the first 30 minutes of your day?
L: My day starts with a 20 minute hot shower, an espresso… then I wake up my family.
E: My day starts with my daughter waking up first, she’s an early bird 6:30am… even at the weekend! a spot of procrastination…then coffee….then breakfast for kids that’s the first 30 minutes.

K: What are you most into right now?
L: Learning to be patient and calm…
E: This is going to be embarrassing, at the moment I’m really into Greys Anatomy. I’m on season 14…(giggles) I’ve seen it all before but I love it! K: What were you into at 9 years old?
L: I was a very serious and good girl.
K: Really!?
L: Yes…I lived in the countryside. I spent a lot of time in nature playing in the forests, with friends and reading a lot. A very good girl.
E: Well… (thinking) I was very much into Lego and climbing trees. L: We had something in common! E: …I sneakily bought myself rollerblades without my parents knowing…. L:… you hear the city girl answering (giggling!)


K: What brought you to kid’s fashion?

L: Without 10 sentences this question is hard for me… it was always a dream to run my own family business, a creative family business. Previously I had built a very successful career in the financial industry but I’m happy that I made this decision so I have more time with my family. It’s healthier for my family.
E: I studied graphic design and illustration, in the beginning, pieces for websites but this was quite static design in a way. Fashion brings freedom to pull from different fields of design from architecture to painting, there’s such a huge amount of things to gather inspiration from, so this creativity really pulled me in…
L: Actually…. Linda got Edite into kid’s fashion. (Laughter x3)

K: What is the most rewarding thing about being a mum?
L: It’s more about the human qualities in the kids I see their values. That’s important.
E: I think my idea is very similar to Linda’s but what I really like is when I see my kids do things in a way and not making the same mistake that I would have made. You see an evolution, that my being and guidance has avoided them doing, something that I might have done wrong at their age.

K: Nature or nurture?
E: Yes…
L: You know Katie for me it’s important when I see my kids dreaming/ setting goals and achieving them…it makes me smile.

K: What food did you hate as a child?
L: Onions… every kind of onion in every way ever.
E: Corn, cucumbers, paprika, mushrooms…. I was a picky eater.
K: Now?
E: I eat it all and my kids are not picky eaters yes. (Cheers of Yay!)

K: What is the secret to good parenting?
L: Parent’s behaviour.
E: Going with the flow…parents should learn to not to have very high highs and very low lows…they should be the steady (influence) in the kid’s lives. The child might have highs and lows but if the foundation is steady they are secure on the right path.

K: What question do you least like answering?
L: That kind of question…. E: Exactly…. (Laughter x3)


K: Can you learn from your children?
L: They teach us what life is all about…all the time.
E: Absolutely, definitely… I see it every day. My son is exactly like me, he’s my mirror. I can look at him and see what I need to do.

K: Can you play sport?
L: Yes…my evening run is not regular….(giggles)
E: No.

K: Can you teach me a Latvian saying?
L: You know the English expression ‘love you’ I use this in Latvian about 10 times a day with my daughter when we have finished our conversation. In Latvian it’s….’ Milu’
K: I love that ….Milu! I thought that was going to be more painful!
E: I’m going to torture you because the one that I was thinking about was when you toast somebody you know ‘ for a good health’. My husband is Sweedish and he has trouble with this. .”Uz veselību” K: OOO ves a libo…..oo ves a libo….is that good? (Lauging x3) I love this oooh ves a libo… Milu… Milu… E & L: Wonderful….

K: Can you suggest a Netflix must?
L: No Netflix but I love Game of Thrones… E: Grace and Frankie and all the cooking shows…. Love them! I Complete the following sentences


K:: I am the best at…
L: …hugging my kids.
E: …cooking and procrastinating. It’s my one f law.

K: I love the Summer because…
L: …it’s warm and sunny in my country and we can spend more time with family travelling.
E: …of the summer evenings, they’re magical when it’s 9 p.m, it’s still warm and there’s a little bit of sun.

K: I went to the market and I bought a…
L: …vegetable(s).
E: …a free-range chicken.
K: Expensive! (laughter x3!)

K: I work hard at…
L: …Paade. E: …Paade.

K: I would like Paade Mode to…
L: …live forever season to season inspiring you, and our customers.
E: …to be in as many kids wardrobes as possible. Even if it’s just one piece, one special piece that your sister can inherit 🙂


K: Do you have a favourite Paade Mode design?
L: Dresses, all the dresses
E: I love the knitwear, chunky knitwear…I want it on me. K: Do you like heels?
L: Yes…10 to 12 centimetres the highest ones.
E: Me too, but I don’t wear them because they hurt.
K: I like them when I go to something special.
E: For when you get out the car you walk 5 steps ..have dinner…then you finish… you walk 5 more steps and go to the car 🙂
L: They’re very good fitness for your body, when I was working in the bank I had to wear heels every day it’s very good for your core (laughter x 3)

K: Do you have a piece of advice for startup labels?
L: Yes, startup labels should test the idea or products and then afterwards concentrate their attention and energy only on where they are the best. Don’t try and do everything, don’t try and follow…. set your own standard and quality in the market. There are lots of brands following with nice designs but no identity. If you don’t have focus you won’t have good results…
E: From my side, it’s something that I’ve learnt with Linda… you can be a designer and you can have amazing ideas but you should remember that if you want a business you need the business foundation. You need to know your excel sheets, money sources etc It’s very important if you don’t have this knowledge yourself you need to hire someone to do it because you will not be able to sustain a floating business without this element of the business.

K: Do you have a design God?
L: We have a very close relationship a strong connection we have a button god! We have very specific gods for example, what does the button God mean? Well, when you can’t find a button… you sit with a big box of buttons… you say ‘button god! at that moment the button emerges…. We have a lot of stories about different gods….if the Internet doesn’t work we sit and shout Wi-Fi gods ! where is the Wi-Fi! ….and it comes. Joking aside it’s Celine 😉
E: I think for me it’s Chanel.
K: I love the button God! (laughter x 3)

K: Do you have a pet?
L: Yes a grey cat name Minkas….you know it’s the oldest brother of Edite’s cat
E: My cat is Linda’s cat’s sister and her name is Sanza from Game of Thrones.
K: Your cats are siblings!!!!
L/E: laughter 😉 …..

K: Do you have a piece of travel advice?
L: Always put fewer clothes in the suitcase.
E: With kids rent a place with a kitchen.

K: Do and do not ? (complete the sentence)
L: Do your own thing and do not follow the masses.
E: Do get enough sleep (no it’s really important) and do not overeat.

K: What can I do?

L: Keep smiling and inspiring!
E: Keep the fabulous amazonian hair I adore it!
L: One season, I think you straightened it? ;-(
E: I would kill for hair like that!
K: I’m embracing the curls this season!


Interview via Pirouette Blog for KidsWear Magazine

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It is officially September. Back to school time for big and small (and parents). PAADE celebrates growth, intelligence, curiosity, and friendship. All cornerstones of a great time at school. Our fall selection for fun and stylish school outfits is here. With an emphasis on comfort, ease and fun to wear girls can mix and match fabulous outfits.


Look 1. Embroidered viscose blouse Olivia, layered with soft Alpaca blend cardi Harris, paired with the quilted skirt Huston. Accents: socks Joni and beanie Robbie.

Look 2. Animal print, jersey turtleneck Mavis with wool culottes Bruno, accessorized with bag Joplin and beanie Robbie.


Look 3. Checkered blouse Connie peeks out under Alpaca blend sweater Florence worn with lux black velvet culottes Frankie.

Look 4. Polka-dot, cotton dress Tina is a comfortable wide fit paired with comfortable Merino pants Robbie. Alpaca hat Harris to keep warm.



Look 5. Tulle turtleneck Yoko worn under animal print dress Mavis, and faux leather perfecto jacket Cher. Finish the look with two-tone merino leggings Robbie.

Look 6. Striped merino sweater Robbie with wool mini skirt Bruno, knee socks Joni.



Emily is wearing her selection for school: skirt Huston, tulle top Yoko and velvet top Frankie.

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Music is everywhere. Rhythm, melody, lyrics, to each their own style and preference. And yet, it is something that connects us, that we want to share. Be it a list of favourites one gives their best friend or loved one, or just creates for their own pleasure, or an elaborate selection of tunes that brighten up life. What is on your MIXTAPE? Jazz, rock, pop, classical, indie? A mix of it all, or are you a purist? Paade FW19 collection is a mixtape of styles for every occasion inspired by movie soundtracks, chart toppers or even just that song that is forever stuck in your head. Paade is not afraid to seek inspiration in different eras of time, the collection mixes 90s pop, smooth jazz from mid 20s, classical and romantic tones. As usual Paade is a mix and match of romance, edge and trendy lux.

Embrace PAADE!

Our signature mix&match style is one of the key features of our collections. Wool meets velvet, shine mixes with patterns. Layering is a must.






Careful selection of the best quality materials, colours and textures make the collection stand out and be a perfect balance between modern romance, ideal for both everyday and occasion wear.



The collection represents Paade’s love towards music and art. The visual story is told and enhanced by the inspirational residence of the internationally acclaimed artist Sabine Liva with a selection of her artworks, interior design and love for music adding to the atmosphere.

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PAADE is a world traveler. With trade show season going strong, SS2020 collection HERBARIUM that was carefully and lovingly created at Paade Studio laboratory paying attention to every aspect and detail from the first drawings and patterns to the sustainable and ethical production cycle was presented in the romantic Florence, Pitti Bimbo and world metropolitan Paris, Playtime. We met our beloved clients, old and new, greeted the press and had the loveliest time.

PAADE SS2020 collection Herbarium tells a story of fragility, beginnings and ends, memories, longevity and mindfulness. The collection wants to remind you of that special feeling of capturing nature in photography and drawings, patterns woven in fabric, perfume and even food, pressed between pages of an old book, meanwhile, keeping in mind that all this beauty needs to be cherished, nurtured and protected for generations to come.


Soft pink hues of the new KIDZFizz area and Paade SS2020 colour palette at Piti Bimbo, Florence.


Don’t forget the flowers.

Spacious Parc Floral Paris and Paade at Playtime Paris.


Cutest Sophie from @littlesophiescloset visiting Paade and our Founder Linda Raituma keeping everything just right.


METAMORPHOSIS x PAADE. Amazing artist @gambrell_ partnering with Pirouette Blog is creating space inspired by collections seen at the show.


PAADE SS20 blouse Dianthus featured in Playtime trend space “Fantasia” as a key inspiration for the next spring/summer season.


THANK YOU to all our clients and visitors!

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Sneak peek into next summer.

Imagine a forest … a dessert … the jungle … a vast meadow … deep sea … a mountaintop. Who and what is there? And who is not anymore? Nature. Plants, animals, insects … humans, roads, cities. Us vs them. Incline and decline.


PAADE SS2020 collection Herbarium tells a story of fragility, beginnings and ends, memories, longevity and mindfulness. The collection wants to remind you of that special feeling of capturing nature in photography and drawings, patterns woven in fabric, perfume and even food, pressed between pages of an old book, meanwhile, keeping in mind that all this beauty needs to be cherished, nurtured and protected for generations to come.


The HERBARIUM collection has been carefully and lovingly created at Paade Studio laboratory paying attention to every aspect and detail from the first drawings and patterns to sustainable and ethical production cycle.



See you next summer!

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It’s warm. And sunny. And the sky so vibrantly blue. The season of weddings, graduations and summer parties is here. Drops of flowers in unruly hair, dancing shoes, and laughter. Children exploring magical gardens and playing hide-and-seek under the heaping party tables. Our selection of fabulous party wear features sunny colors, luxurious fabric choices, attention to detail and just that magical something that creates dreamlike outfits for every girl.


Sunny lemonade inspired AUGUSTE line. Contrasting black bows, and generous flounces. Shop here.


Gentle and cloudlike, PEARL is the ultimate flower girl look. Our Pearl like here.


HENRIETTE and CLEMENTINE. Shine, contrasting details and a strong silhouette.



Tulle and meadows. Modern, romantic and an absolute statement. BLANCHE.

A modern cut and soft, romantic lace meet in dress GRETA.


PAADE flower girl shines with confidence, amazement, and joy.

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Let’s talk about PAADE inspirations. One of the things that never escapes the creation of new collections in our Büro is nature. Wonderful, diverse and a neverending source of texture, colour, and form.

Have you ever heard of a phenomenon called SUPER bloom? Also known as a desert bloom, it occurs in various deserts around the world. For this to happen wind, rainfall and warmth have to work together to create the perfect conditions for an incredible amount of flowers to bloom at the same time. Creating garments is similar in a way, the collaboration between the designer, creative team and production – between fabric, form, and silhouette. It has to be a perfect balance.


Dress Blanche inspired by hot sand and a scattering of miniature flowers.


Tee Flower Girl and Skirt Blanche

Shirt Venus and Chinos Maxime



Dress Alice

Blouse Alice and Shorts Maxime


Did you know DESERT blooms can be seen from space?


Paade xx

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The DENIM Edit

It has to be just the right blue. To remind you of the depths of the sea, gentle sway of waves hitting the shore. Or the fabulousness of the cornflower that peeks between the long stems of wheat in sunkissed fields. Snapback to the time when walking in meadows and running your fingertips along the rows of flowers and crops gave you that magical sensation of summer. Playing hide and seek between bees, daisies and the wonderful smell of grass. Paade loves denim for its Spring//Summer 2019. From statement jackets to fun dresses and extra comfortable skirts.


Mix Denim Jacket Mer with a pair of summer shorts and vintage-inspired knit jersey top.


Denim Dress Mer with over the shoulder bows and contrasting embroidered flounce. Cornflower meadows and the smell of summer evenings mixed with the sounds of laughter.



White + terracotta + cornflower blue. What a match. Blosue Mer + Culottes Lennox

Easy elegance for boys. Vintage inspired Shirt Mer with wide shorts. Perfection.


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How To Ring In Spring

Mix and match outfit ideas are here to stay. Graphic lines mix well with delicate floral patterns to create a striking and fun outfit. Choose Tulle Top Blanche and PJ Trousers Polly.

A midi skirt in block colours with contrasting detail and buttons mixes well with a soft jersey top with a vintage pattern. Complete the look with a light spring jacket. Jacket Mer, Top Rosamund and Skirt Terra.

Light and airy Chiffon Skirt Marion in fine check complement Liberty Fabrics Cotton Blouse Alice with contrasting pink stitching. A romantic look inspired by wild gardens.

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Smiling faces, nature and sunkissed skin.

It is the first secret childhood sweetheart. Love notes written, but not sent. Rose petals. Seams hidden inside a garment. Small details left unnoticed. Pearls in a shell. The key to an unknown garden door. Water creatures magically beautiful. Imperfection. A dress meant for a party worn as a sleeping gown. Daydreaming. Magic crystals reflecting light. Storytelling. Walking with a mirror and seeing the world upside down. Sunrise. Pond. Abandoned garden house. Orangerie. Caleidoscope. Romantic books. Friendship. Sleepover. Lemonade in a glass with a sugar lining. Lace curtains. Cardigan from mom’s wardrobe found in the attic. Tree house. Picnic. Herbarium.

Explore the contrasts of denim and white embroideries, a mix of tulle and flowered patterns. Earthy beiges remind of sand dunes and terracotta brings depth and pops of colour.
All the skirts.
Paade girl is an explorer and world traveller. Yet, not afraid to climb trees, smell the flowers and wear a pair of sneakers with a lace decorated dress.
Attention to detail is everything.
Explore Paade summer heritage collection. Shop now.
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