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Riga Fashion Week


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Backstage at Paade Mode SS18 – Riga Fashion Week
























Photo: Marta Logina

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Paade Mode SS18 Travel Notes at Riga Fashion Week


Last Saturday, 28th Oct Paade Mode presented its SS18 collection Travel Notes. Being one of the most celebrated kids fashion labels at Riga Fashion Week, this show is a milestone in brand’s “biography” as with this collection Paade is starting sales at the prestigious Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Nice.

For the SS18 collection “Travel Notes” Paade Mode continues its journey around the world, documenting the most spectacular treasures of our planet. Seeking inspiration from the colours, contrasts and softness of the magic that is seen and felt in nature in spring and summer, mixing it  with cultural and architectural legacy in form and silhouette.

This summer season for Paade Mode is all about colours and tones that celebrate warmest months of the year in its lush prints and texture, adding a calming and cleansing presence with different whites. Earthy tones mix with pops of brights and metallics. Liberty fabrics, softest Portuguese cottons, French jacquard, lush linen and chiffon is mixed with textures of extraordinary denim and Italian lace, soft summer knits add hand-crafted quality and legacy.



















Shoes: 2zoles

Photo: Jānis Škapars

Music: Maris Mihelsons dj set featuring (Vanessa Paradis/Weekend a Rome* The Stephane Wrembel Trio/Big Brother* Giulia Y Los Tellarin/Barcelona)

Video: Santa Pilena


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In the Process

Riga Fashion Week

2017 Edition

Paade Mode SS17 Sun Daze


So much to do in the process. Hair, make up, dresses and accessories, entertainment and laughs, snacks, missing shoes and missing Mommies (all sorted out).

Such a rush for the little models, especially when they do their round on the catwalk! Sparkly eyes! Paade is so grateful for their patience and awesomeness.

Here is a sneak peek backstage.

Moments captured by Vika Anisko
































































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Post Scriptum Riga Fashion Week



While one could talk about business, fashion, goals and feedback, this time around we want to talk about our fabulous kids and their 29 gold medals, 29 wins! Those wins that trump individual business projects, ambitions, perfect presentation etc. The big ones that give our children new experiences and help them grow to be successful and happy.

Some kids want to run as fast as they can, or sing, dance and perform, we had the chance to meet those who wanted to step on to the catwalk.


Paade Mode had the unique chance to share the stories of 29 children where one gained that ‘best friend forever’ would go out on the catwalk only while holding hands, another girl was happy to wear a pair of trousers for the first time in her life. One had the courage to say “no” just before the walk and another to be brave and go despite being a bit anxious. Dreams to be a model for a day got fulfilled. And a chance to be the first got given away to go together with a fellow friend. There was delight over wearing the twirliest and puffiest dress and pride over doing something without the supporting shoulder of a parent by their side. Those are stories worth telling.




Everyone had their own tale to tell, but we are happy to have done it all together!

It is a a wonderful feeling seeing the little BIG personalities receiving their own “grand medal”. Best wishes to Anna, Sophie, Madara, Tina, Kate, Charlotte,  daighter Emily and Emily, Evelina, Eliza, Paula 1 and Paula 2, Nicole, Ketrina, Kate Karlina, Agneta, Elizabeth, Laura, Alice, Jennifer, Helen, Maya, Andrey, Daniel, Raimond, Rian, Robert, Mikelis and Gustav!




Thank you Riga Fashion Week, Elena Strahova and team for great Organization and support. Backstage photography Vika Anisko. Comfiest shoes Palladium Boots Latvia.













































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