Summer Heritage

Rich and wonderous

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    Top Rosamund Red

    79,00 47,00
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    Tulle Top Blanche

    79,00 48,00
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    Viscose Top Lennox

    65,00 39,00
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    Denim Skort Mer

    59,00 36,00
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    Chiffon Culottes Azur

    98,00 59,00
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    Romper Rosamund Blue

    80,00 48,00
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    Tulle Dress Blanche

    214,00 128,00
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    Denim Dress Mer with Bows

    115,00 69,00
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    Viscose PJ Pants Polly

    85,00 51,00
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    Cotton Skirt Mary

    95,00 57,00
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    Lace Shorts Victoire

    90,00 54,00
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    Bandana Sophia

    25,00 15,00



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It’s warm. And sunny. And the sky so vibrantly blue. The season of weddings, graduations and summer parties is here. Drops of flowers in unruly hair, dancing shoes, and laughter. [...]
Let’s talk about PAADE inspirations. One of the things that never escapes the creation of new collections in our Büro is nature. Wonderful, diverse and a neverending source of texture, [...]
The DENIM Edit
It has to be just the right blue. To remind you of the depths of the sea, gentle sway of waves hitting the shore. Or the fabulousness of the cornflower [...]
How To Ring In Spring
Mix and match outfit ideas are here to stay. Graphic lines mix well with delicate floral patterns to create a striking and fun outfit. Choose Tulle Top Blanche and PJ [...]
It is the first secret childhood sweetheart. Love notes written, but not sent. Rose petals. Seams hidden inside a garment. Small details left unnoticed. Pearls in a shell. The key [...]
Behind the scenes//SS19 production house visit
Pst! Sharing secrets! Coming soon Paade SS19 … this week we visited our production houses and snuck a couple of sneaky photos of behind the scenes processes. So much fun looking [...]
Paade SS19 vs RFW
Paade Mode brought in summer vibes and brightened the grey end of October by participating in Riga Fashion Week fall edition presenting Spring//Summer 2019 collection Inside Out. The emotional and [...]
Fall Wardrobe Must-haves
The season of change – fall brings us fall colours, cold mornings and puddles and makes us want to cuddle up in coziest knits and sip hot cocoa.   Paade [...]